Leveraging disruptive tech to create, measure and exchange value.

Current focus: web3/blockchain & a.i.

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cross the chasm

Crossing the Chasm: Building a web3 Portfolio

Cryptocurrencies, popularized by Bitcoin, seem to be on the cusp of breaking beyond mainstream awareness and into mainstream…


The Digitization of Fine Art

While the general public sentiment seems to be “NFTs dead”, there are sophisticated ways to view the market…

a network

Hidden Meta: Quantifiable Real-World Value Accrual

There’s a lot of blockchain projects out there. Thousands or more. It takes a lot of personal attention…

DALL·E 2022-10-08 16.41.42 - cryptocurrency carnival cartoon

A Crypto Example: The Carnival

I intended to write this in 2017. After researching Bitcoin in 2013, news articles starting catching my and…

DALL·E 2022-10-07 15.59.12 - new ways to create, measure and exchange value. line art

Recent Revenue Models in web3

Not in it for the metaverse. I’m not even in it for the tech. I’m in it for…

Photo by Brian Wangenheim on Unsplash

Is web3 Overhyped?

Now’s about the time that people with tangential awareness of web3 sink into the feeling that the whole…

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DAOs and Commerce

DAOs have become a popular discussion point in web3 circles. The jury is out, however, on if they’re…

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The DNA of Product Differentiation

“How can there be so many video conferencing softwares? It’s like one creates a new feature and the…

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Framework Part 3: Set and Setting

‘Set’ is the mindset, attitude and mood of a person. ‘Setting’ is the environment and situation they are…

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Framework Part 2: Filter

A filter encapsulates a person’s experiences and understandings. It adds tint to the person’s sensory experiences, translating the…

verse-scape NFT

Framework Part 1: Horizon

To begin to understand a person, look to their horizon. Capture a glimpse of what they yearn for.…