Photo by Stephen Kraakmo on Unsplash

Framework Part 2: Filter

A filter encapsulates a person’s experiences and understandings. It adds tint to the person’s sensory experiences, translating the world around them into something their mind can examine.

I wonder if we choose our filters or if they choose us. Whether filters are found, like in an app, or created like in a studio.

In any case, they are powerful. They are the animus for love and war, creation and destruction, action and inaction.

Filters are the ways we see things. They’re important things to have awareness of.

My web3 Filter

I’ve minted, acquired and sold over a thousand NFTs across several blockchains. Participated in DAOs. Held dozens of cryptocurrencies. Staked tokens and NFTs in DeFi protocols for yield and access. Played blockchain games and in the metaverse. Operated decentralized nodes (web3 servers). Studied tokenomics. Advised web3 startups.

Prior to that, I built a startup from 0 to a 200+ full-time staff. Lead marketing for a nearly $1b eCommerce business at the world’s biggest company. Designed an eCommerce tech platform from the ground up. Captained a college basketball team. Played Dungeons & Dragons. Coded games onto Ti-83 calculators and played video games and sold in-game assets for money in the 90s.

I read ancient philosophy and eastern wisdom. Meditate and walk daily.

These are the raw materials that my filter is made from.

Layer 1: Physis

Physis is natural progression. The efforts of a person or group of persons waxes and wanes from passive to active, acceptance to aggression. The probable result will be what’s most natural with slight deviations. Like water flowing to a low place or a tree seeking moisture and sunlight. Natural progression is powerful.

Layer 2: Forthright

Offering a view containing useful observations is paramount. While cognitive bias is difficult to shed, though try we must, ensuring the right observations are brought into focus is usually within reach. This blog’s content is not marketing material. Being forthright, bringing information to bear that’s useful for decisioning, is part of both my reputation and intent.

Layer 3: Human Condition

If we’re going to work, let’s work for good. Sometime that’s changing the world and sometimes it’s finding our own peace. In both cases and everything good in between, we’re working to improve the collective human condition. I’m quite serious about this lens – it’s important.

Layer 4: Models

Strategies, tactics. Products and platforms. These are means to an end to me in web3. They are waypoints on the way to the horizon. In this blog, we are looking for new models. New ways value will be created, measured and exchanged. The internet enabled new models. Mobile phones did, too. That’s what we’re looking for from web3. New ways of doing things that weren’t possible prior.

Layer 5: Commerce

web3 offers a grand promise. The opportunities are limitless. A lot of people will create position impact in a variety of ways. My specialty is commerce. It’s been what I do since the mid-90’s. How to ‘efficiently exchange goods and services, especially on a large scale’ according to Wikipedia. Having done it through writing software, marketing clear messages to the right audience, installing enterprise systems, polishing user experiences, designing brick & mortar locations, developing packaged products, and advising and investing in strong business models – commerce is what we do.


This filter will tint my view into web3 for purposes of this blog. Though my writings may seem varied, I hope this write-up provides cohesion.