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Framework Part 3: Set and Setting

‘Set’ is the mindset, attitude and mood of a person. ‘Setting’ is the environment and situation they are in.

The right mindset in the right setting is powerful.

Our web3 Set and Setting


I create business improvements by finding, studying and implementing effective web3 patterns.

My set is that of an observer, a learner and a doer. From a foundation of equanimity, we are surveying the web3 landscape and interrogating it when appropriate. Most of the audience lives, or used to live, in a different industry and has found some interest in web3. Given the broad and nascent nature of web3, it’s not surprising that most people feel there’s too much to track. Furthermore, reading news articles at random gives a sense of overwhelm.


The setting is the ocean between established commerce businesses and the future of web3.

The setting is a thriving growth environment for rapid innovation across all aspects of commerce. It’s difficult to imagine a place, person or thing that won’t come into contact with web3 eventually. In such a dynamic, broad and nascent ecosystem, there’s bound to be a plethora of experiments, companies, celebrities, perspectives, investments, successes and failures. It’s going to be choppy seas for a long time. A decade – or two. Though successes are already emerging.


Early explorers will brave the expansive ocean between their current business and web3. Each business will embark on its own time. Some will speed ahead while others wait for others to chart the way.

It’s my intention to help as many as I’m able, regardless of when they decide its their time.

This wraps up my three-part web3 commerce framework. You have an idea how I view the future and how I plan to explore it.

By sharing my experiences, I endeavor to utilize this framework and provide:

  • an enduring horizon to move towards
  • a stabilizing filter to interpret what I see
  • and a consistent set and setting to help us navigate towards web3.

Welcome aboard.