verse-scape NFT

Framework Part 1: Horizon

To begin to understand a person, look to their horizon. Capture a glimpse of what they yearn for. Dream for a moment in the direction in which they dream.

Your horizon is a distant image of beauty that is seen from your unique vantage point. It’s at the limit of your visibility. As you gaze in its direction, you wander towards it. It becomes a bit clearer as you step. And yet it forever remains at the distant edge of your view for you to continue towards.

As clear as it looks and feels in your mind, it is difficult to find words. The best we can do is point.

My web3 Horizon

Gazing into the distance, I see a tapestry woven of technology, artistry, economy, culture and governance in ways more cooperative than humanity has previously witnessed.

On the distance horizon, cryptocurrencies foster aligned economic incentives amongst stakeholder groups who were previously at odds. Employer-employee time-for-money value-exchange, for example, is evolved to cooperative value-creation focused on increasing utilization of tokens by way of real human benefit.

At the edge of visibility, blockchain technology cultivates trustless decentralization that underwrites the sovereignty and exchange of value between parties sans geographic and demographic borders. Economic benefit currently captured by server infrastructure, middlemen, auditors and more are liberated and returned to the community to be leveraged in new ways.

In the direction of this dream, culture is unleashed to express itself more spontaneously than ever before with credit attribution effectively tethered to the creators who brought it to life.

We wander towards a future where transparency emerges in governance processes across all layers of society.

Smart contracts tie it all together. Code reliably serves a role more robust than law. It provides assurances and protections known by all ahead of time and enforced predictably after. Forks activate societal flexibility and infinite evolution.


Between here and the distance horizon, I can see myriad experiments both collaborative and in isolation. Openly interoperative and walled-garden. Innovators testing, trying, building, reshaping and doing it all again. It’s a long ways to the edge of sight after all.

My words are inadequate. They can’t describe what I see. The best I can do is point. And wander towards it to see just a bit further.