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The Thesis

Blockchain gaming looks to be a significant growth sector inside of general gaming, itself a growing market. This growth is fractionalized across various blockchains, complicating the user experience for gamers. Portal looks to provide a simple universal user experience for gamers that hides the cross-chain complexity behind the scenes.

The last few years have seen an explosion in the number blockchains operating. This has resulted in an explosion of wallet UIs that users need to become familiar with if they want to use multiple chains.

As web3 games pop up across each of these disparate blockchains, gamer onboarding becomes an issue. Each game and each chain is competing with the next to convince gamers to use their wallet to get access to their chain. It’s cumbersome for gamers, hampering adoption across the space.

Portal plans to create a wallet and game-discovery experience that helps the gamer utilize a single UI to explore the universe of blockchain games. Their plan includes integrating their own $portal coin into the various game experiences to serve as a sort of hub for value accrual and exchange across ecosystems.

As players earn coins in the games they play, they can easily swap those coins for $portal and then spend their $portal in a different game on a different chain.

Portal is integrating with LayerZero’s technology to simplify and secure the cross-chain utilization of $portal and NFTs.

As the gaming market and blockchain gaming sector grows, there will be a land-grab for users. The ecosystems that capture the most users will onboard the most games. Deploying a simple cross-chain experience is a smart play that I’ve chosen to back.

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