Peaq Network

The blockchain for real-world applications. Build DePINs and dApps for mobility, connectivity, energy, and more.

The Thesis

Internet-of-Things devices (“IoT”) are scaling up around the world. Every setting, from homes to industrial plants to space technology, machines are increasingly talking to machines. The interconnectivity, growing to an unprecedented scale, requires solutions to facilitate and secure data transfer.

The DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure) category encapsulates IoT devices that are connected to blockchains. Examples includes cloud servers, 3d rendering processors, weather data sensors, dashcam cameras, and more.

With the proliferation of DePIN projects, most major blockchains are competing to draw DePIN companies to build on their chain. Common battle grounds include data security, low transaction costs, scalability and more.

Peaq, itself a Layer 1 Blockchain, delivers the aforementioned common capabilities. Furthermore, it’s building specific IoT-focused capabilities. For example, Peaq’s Machine IDs meet a specific IoT need that generalized blockchains aren’t focused on creating. This example of Machine IDs is already proving its value. MapMetrics is one example of an IoT project that is building on another blockchain and also integrating into Peaq to leverage Peaq’s Machine IDs. This strategy allow Peaq to penetrate it’s addressable market effectively by providing value to IoT companies regardless of what blockchain they base themselves on.

Bosch, Airbus and Continental are already onboard. So am I.

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