The first useful Proof of Work L1 Blockchain on a journey to achieve true AI powered by useful miners.

The Thesis

Blockchain and A.I. are technology and life-impacting trends likely to grow in adoption and utilization for the next few decades. The intersection of Blockchain and A.I. are especially interesting. Qubic has a novel vision that sits at this confluence.

While generative A.I. caught the world’s attention in 2022 due to the release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, innovators continue to pursue other tracks looking to unveil the secrets of true A.I.

Including Qubic’s founder, CFB.

CFB has a legendary track history in blockchain. He was one of first (single-digits) bitcoin miners and is attributed with creating the first Proof-of-Stake blockchain.

Qubic itself is a modern blockchain. It’s built custom from the ground-up. It’s optimized for speed. For example, it leverages C++ at its core, operates in memory, and minimizes the use of decimal points, all to get a little more speed. It’s a novel L1.

Qubic is also somewhat of a oermissioned blockchain. Unlike other public blockchains, it doesn’t allow just any developer to deploy a smart contract. Developers must announce their plans, get voted in by the community, then auction shares of their smart contract to the community in order to get permission to deploy their code on the chain. All $qubic spent during the auction are burned, creating a deflationary affect on the coin.

Sitting on top of the base Qubic blockchain is CFB’s project, AI Garth. AI Garth is in its infant stages, quite literally. AI Garth doesn’t take requests then respond with solutions like ChatGPT. In its current state, it is a collection of thousands of individual and distribute processes – miners in conventional blockchain language, or ANNs in AI talk. AI Garth’s ANNs simulate the neurons in a brain. In an infant brain, neurons are collecting information via senses and organizing the data to make sense of the world it lives in. Eventually, it understands that apple sauce can be eaten and that crying gets attention, and the neurons begin to self-orchestrate to achieve an objective or learn and synthesize more data.

While most A.I. groups are furthering LLMs and chaining LLMs for action as agents, Qubic is attempting to create an actual intelligence.

Qubic offers a unique vision, a proven founder, a strong group of core developers- and an approach to both blockchain and AI that are clearly novel against a backdrop of otherwise like-minded approaches.

I’m excited to see how Qubic progresses.

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